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Why promotional calendars?

Any Company who is looking for long term exposure of their brand, name and services requires value for money, that is a given.

Calendar advertising is without doubt - Visible – efficient – relevant – powerful.

Visible - with their huge advertising space, which can be printed in any number of colours, this advert is on view on either wall or desk every day of the year and in a busy area can be seen by 100’s of potential customers.

Efficient - cost efficient as even the most expensive calendar only works out at pennies per customer per day. Efficiency through targeting the recipients, i.e. those companies your client wants to deal with.

Tax efficient, not only with being able to claim back VAT, or offset the cost against advertising, the cost of calendars can also be claimed back against capital gains under the Gift Tax Allowance!

Relevant – even in this electronic age, many people still appreciate being given such a visual item that is always ready to inform, does not need batteries, warming up or crashes!

Powerful – the images are powerful in themselves, in addition the calendar makes a powerful statement about your customer. You are known by what you give, and everything a company sends out with its name on is a direct reflection of its image.

Does the range change year on year?

Yes, we try to introduce new titles or at least refresh the existing designs each year. All the images or in each calendar are changed every year, as we spend many hours researching picture sources to obtain top quality images, and also compare images used in previous years to ensure we are not re-using images already recently used. Artists are commissioned every year also to supply new paintings.

How do "stock” calendars work?

We design in-house a range of "Stock” attractive, yet useful promotional calendars; the base stock is then printed in bulk and laid down in our factory. Once an order and artwork is received from you, the calendars are over printed, bound, and boxed with the relevant envelopes.

Where are the calendars produced?

The calendar range is produced wholly in the UK. Producing the range in-house gives us total control over production and quality of the finished product. We believe in investing in UK manufacturing!

When is the best time to order calendars?

There are many advantages to ordering early for both you and your customer.


When do I get charged for the order?

We accept and produce orders throughout the year but do not dispatch your order until the agreed date. 

Environmental concerns?

All of our range is produced on paper from sustainable sources, and we have now gone a stage further, in addition, all manila envelopes and white board mailers are recycled products and carry the recycled logo.

What products are in stock?

All the calendars shown in our published catalogue are stock products. The base stock is pre-printed and laid down, waiting for your order. However, stock can sell out towards the end of the year, which means it is important that your customer orders early. For exact stock levels, please view our current stock list, which gets updated regularly from the end of October onwards.

Can my customer have their own pictures on a calendar?

Yes most certainly, we are being asked to produce more calendars every year that are more tailored to the customer’s identity or product range. This can involve producing a bespoke front cover, flyleaf or a multi sheet calendar with their own pictures. Starting from as low as 50 calendars.

Please contact our team about this part of our production.

Can my customer have a matching desk calendar to their wall calendar?

Yes definitely, it is quite usual that a company will wish to order a matching set so to speak. If we do not have the companion as a "stock” calendar, we can create one for you.

What are your standard lead times?

From approval of artwork, our standard lead time is 6 weeks for all pictorial calendars. For year and wall planners, and 365 daily date desk calendars, the standard lead time is 8 weeks. The Mega Tri-Pad and the Solo shipping calendars are very labour intensive, therefore the latest ordering date is the first week of September to guarantee dispatch before Christmas. However, dependant on activity in the factory, we are always happy to help with any urgent requests, so please ask.

What overprint colours do you offer?

All of the prices listed within the price list include overprinting in one standard colour, in the choice of: Black, Calendar Red, Warm Red, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, Pantone Green, and Green 347, Yellow 012 or Brown 471.

At an additional cost, we can print in any matched PMS, or multi colour up to 4-colour process, depending on your customers’ requirements.

For Example: For a number of years we have been producing a job that is 4-colour process + PMS Green + PMS Gold

What is a PMS colour?

All the standard colours listed in our price list are straight out of a tin, ready prepared, and therefore do not require mixing. However, many companies these days are particular about their corporate image, and may well insist that their advertising message or logo has to be printed in a PMS (Pantone Mixing System) matched colour, which may involve mixing together several inks to achieve the desired colour or result. This time consuming skill explains the additional charge for matched colours.

In which format does the artwork for my order need to be supplied?

Our artwork specifications can be viewed here.

Are your calendars supplied with envelopes?

Yes, included within the price, all of our calendars are supplied with envelopes or mailers produced from recycled material; please refer to our price list for details.

All envelopes or mailers are peel & stick fastening, making them extremely user friendly

All manila envelopes can be upgraded to white board mailers at the additional cost listed within the price list.

Can the customer choose more than one type of calendar?

Mixing & matching calendars is being requested more and more. We have therefore designed our range to make mixing as easy as possible, as long as the calendars are the same size and printed to the same advert, in the same colour or colours. This means that there no additional costs, and the overall bulk price applies.

We have many requests where companies believe that their customers who spend more money should have say, a 13 leaf A3 calendar 100 off, whilst the other 400 will receive an A3 7 leaf pictorial memo, which will be charged at the 500 rate.

To mix two different calendar titles, the total needs to be a minimum of 50 units (i.e. 25 each of two types), and thereafter in multiples of 25’s.

Please note that desk calendars cannot be mixed with pictorial calendars.

Can the customer choose more than one size of calendar?

Yes (with the exception of Desk Calendars), mixing different sized calendars is also possible. Although different sizes of calendars will have different advertising areas, the calendars are still charged at the bulk rate, plus £25 per colour for each change of advert size, to ensure that the advert fits the calendar selected and is in proportion.

Can the customer choose one calendar, but printed for two different companies or addresses?

Again, this is possible, and happens quite often. The calendars are still charged at the bulk rate, plus £25 per colour for each change of advert, as, in effect, two sets of artwork/plates have to be produced. We also have a number of contracts where we will produce a "bespoke” or "stock” calendar for a large group, where either the different franchisee’s or different depots require their individual contact details printed on in the corporate colours.

Carriage and carriage costs?

For boxed deliveries we use a national courier, and aim to dispatch as standard on a 24 hour courier service. We are also used to multiple drops with large companies who require their total order to be sent to individual offices/depots.

For palletized deliveries, we use a different specialized courier service, which takes 3 – 4 days as standard, although quicker services are available at cost.

My question is not listed here, how can I find the required information?

If this page has been unable to answer your question, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any further query you may have.

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